This is a collection of Bronze related links, including general Bronze stuff, VIP's webpages, Bronzer's pages of specific Bronze interest (Bronzer's personal sites are listed in their profiles if they have provided links to them), the websites of various Bronze/BtVS (but PB related) Buffy clubs and links related to PBP and PBFPs. If you have or know of a site that should be on this list, please email me at  If it is not your own site, please let me know who I should contact for permission to link to it.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Bronze (no frames) - C'mon, you all know this one!
The Bronze Community Page- Maintained by Roanna, includes site updates, eppy airdates, cast member appearences and interviews, Velvet Chain gig information, PBP and PBFP links and information and merchandise information.
Bronze Welcome Wagon - Put together by a group of helpful Bronzers, this site is a thorough guide to the Bronze which answers frequently asked questions, points out no-nos and includes links to related sites. Site maintained by Jade.
Newbie Info Page - Welcome Wagoneers help Newbies learn the PB ropes.
Bronzers Location List - A list of the locations of Bronzers, maintained by SweePer and Terri.
The Age Game - The ages of Bronzers, collected and maintained by valMichael.
Bronzers Links Page - A growing list of links to webpages owned and run by Bronzers, run by Monique.
"The List"- A collection of driveby, newbie and other annoying and entertaining posts identified by regulars and collected by Cate. Webpage hosted by Ventrue.
Theories Page - A collection of various Bronzers Buffy-related theories maintained by Jade.

VIP Pages

Jeff Pruitt's page - Jeff is the BtVS Stunt coordinator, and a frequent PB poster. This is his page.
Sophia's Page- Sophia is SMG's fantastic stunt double, and this is her page.
Velvet Chain- Velvet Chain is a fantastic band who was featured on the episode "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date." Band members Erika Amato and Jeff Stacy sometimes post on the PB.

Regular's Pages of Bronzer Interest (personal pages included on profiles)

Becker's Game of Death - A (deadly, hence the name) game enjoyed by Bronzers at PBFPs everywhere. Rules courtesy of, of course, AKA Becker.
Angle Man's Bios- A collection of Angle Man's infamous bios that answer the question "Who is (insert VIP name here)?" Site maintained by Lisa.
Gazoo's Timeline - Gazoo's Buffy timeline (from Angel's vamping to present). Compiled by gazoo with help from Big Al.
valMichael's Famlet page - The whole famlet tree, laid out in relation to valMichael.
The Bronze Jukebox - A list of the songs on the Bronze jukebox, with links to Midis and band pages. Site created and maintained by SweePer.
The gazoo page - A collection of PBers "artistic interpretations" and thoughts on the Bronze's favour-IT (gazoo), as well as links to the gazoo doll page and gazoo's dingoes. On SweePer's site, with help from Roanna, EverDawn and gazoo ITself.
The Library (Books of Buffy and the Occult)- Avarice's collection of Buffy and occult related titles.
Lena's BtVS Cast Party Pics - Pictures Lena took at various BtVS cast parties as well as her set of autographed publicity photos. Her Seth/Velvet Chain pics coming soon.
Buffyholism: Your BtVS News & Appearances Site - Psyche's site with constantly updated information on BtVS new and cast member appearences.

Bronze Club Pages

The UBC page- The Uber Buffy Club: A club formed by Muffy the Vampire Annoyer, site maintained by Big Al.
The PHBA page- The Pathetically Helpful Bronzer's Anonymous Club: Formed by Lisa and CharlieX.
The BAH page - The Buffy Addicts Hospital, with floors devoted to all the VIPs/characters. Hospital Administrator: Angela.
Buffy, Eh? page - Buffy, eh? is a Buffy fan club for Canadians (with honourary members from all countries). Formed by Vlad the Impaler.
The WPWP page - Thanks to Little Willow's hard efforts, WPWP is now Alyson Hannigan's official fan club. Way to go Little Willow! (WPWP is started as a PB fan club devoted to Alyson Hannigan (and Willow), and has since expanded. Little Willow's brainchild and under her fantastic organization).
The LURK - "Legions of Underappreciated Readers Klub" - A club for Bronzer Lurkers, started by FOSMan, with inspiration from NTMT.
The Boarding House- Bronze page run by Redthunder, including e-mail addys for over 200 bronzers.

PBP and PBFP Pages

Upcoming PBFPs and the '99 PBP

Toronto PBFP 99- A PBFP being planned for late spring or early summer 1998. Visit the page to help us plan! Organized by Angle Man, Godeater, Manx, Anya and Chrissy.
The LA Official PBP 99 - The annual offical PBP, to be held February 6, 1998. Organized by the PBP planning committee. See page for details.

Pictures from PBFPs and PBPs past

LA PBP '98 - greengirl's pictures from the Official PBP held in LA February 14, 1998.
Chicagopalooza '98 - Pictures from the posting board party held in Chicago on March 28, 1998. Pictures taken by Mr. Willa, and are on Willa and Mr. Willa's site..
Chicagopalooza '98 - greengirl's pictures from Chicagopalooza.
Buffy13's wedding - Pictures from Buffy13's wedding party (May 23, 1998), which several Bronzers attended. Pictures taken by Mr. Willa, on Willa and Mr. Willa's site.
Dallas PBFP - greengirl's pictures from a PBFP held in Dallas July 10-12, 1998.
Viva Las Buffy - Occido's pictures from the PBFP held in Las Vegas October 31, 1998 (including pics from the fantastic "Come as you aren't" hallowe'en costume party).
Viva Las Buffy - Willa and Mr. Willa's pictures from the Viva Las Buffy/Come as you aren't PBFP.
Viva Las Buffy - Chameleon's pictures from the Viva Las Buffy/Come as you aren't PBFP.
Viva Las Buffy - Skulkraker, Bookish Girl and Fenric's Viva Las Buffy/ Come are you aren't PBFP pics.
Atlanta - Chameleon's Atlanta PBFP pictures.
Various PBFP and Bronzer Gathering Pics - Cricket's picture pages: the pics are organized by gathering.

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