Who's Who of the Bronze
-Additional Ideas for Bronzer Profiles-
This page is just a list of ideas for people who want to bulk up their profile forms but are reluctant to include personal information, or have little to say on the topics suggested. You can add anything (within reason), but these are some ideas I've come up with. Please email me at whos_who@mindspring.com  if you want your profile updated (include the heading with each piece of information you provide), or if you have any further suggestions.

Bronze Information:

How you got your PB Nickname:
When you started posting:
Bronze sayings/words coined by you:
Your theories: (ie Angel=Evil, Angel and Xander) Include the name of theory, link to page if it's on one- if it's not on one, let me know, maybe we can work something out.

Buffy Information:

What episode got you hooked on Buffy and why:
Best fight scene:
Favourite verbal exchange:

Personal Information:

PBFPs and PBPs you've attended:

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