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RL Name: ?
Location: Illinois
Poster, evenings 

email addy: QustMrk@aol.com
Bronze Clubs: STAB co-founder, AMC #32, BAH Room #333 on the Aly/Willow Floor, WPWP #578, member of the "Look Ma, I^Òve Been Impersonated" club, TTWCABWTTFSMG #2, XDC #283, DWC #1, HMWL #70 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: non-slavish Erika devotee #2, non-slavish Alyson devotee, VT's hero, Maverick's Fanfic Recommender #13, Master of the Hunt
Bronze Function: Discussion Topic starter, local idiot
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
3)Lie to Me
Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Come on Will. Look, you don't have a choice here. I need you Will. I mean, how am I gonna pass trig, ya know? And who am I gonna call every night, and talk about everything we did all day? You're my best friend. You've always...I love you."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Sarah W.....Oh, you mean from the show, not the board. That would definitely be Drusilla.
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow wielding an axe in BBB. 

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