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RL Name: my little secret

Location: Alberta
Both Poster and Lurker, Afternoons & Evenings 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Go Fish
2) Bewitched, Bewildered and Bothered
3) Some Assembly Required
Buffy character you drool over: Spike
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: "Have we met?"-Joyce "Yeah, you hit me with an axe saying 'stay the hell away from my daughter!'"-Spike "Oh"-Joyce (probably wrong, but the basic idea is there)
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander as soldier, Willow as ghost
Stuff about you: Age:14 (July 10, 1984), Occupation:Student, Hobbies:Lurking, Posting, Likes:Buffy (duh!) ...that's about it!


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RL Name: Lena D.
Location: California
Both poster and lurker, but mostly poster, Anytime i can get on 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1)whats my line
2)Becoming part 2

Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Angel
Favourite Buffy Quote: Ohh look a bad guy
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander making all the ladies love him
Stuff about you: I am A Buffy the Vampire Fanatic(love the show to death. I'm not married and dont have a boyfriend.. Im 18 and My favorite movie is Interview with the Vampire(love Brad Pit) I take kickboxing, shopping. I love the song Part of your world-Areial little mermaid. Dislike rude people and ones who are so quick to judge! I love hip hop music and anything dance! Love dancing, and having a good time! Im the Biggest Buffy the Vampire Fan!! LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS(including oz) especially Angel!! I love Wet seal, gadzooks and Contempo, guess, and anything in style!! Everyone calls me buffy at school cause im the only one who watches it!!


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RL Name: Lisa
Location: Mississippi
Poster or Lurker: Both
Usual posting time: Anytime
Started posting: April 1999
email addy: rw60@gateway.net
Bronze clubs: FTTWP member #16, bWo member #19, WPWP member #1438, CCC  member #87, xWo member #4 , BWCGG member #70, PBA member#476, oWo member #26 

How you got your PB name: I tried to come up with something easy, rememberable and that wasn't taken.

3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Becoming 1 and 2
2) Gingerbread
3) Graduation 1 and 2

Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: Joyce to Principal Snyder: "I think what my daughter's trying to say is, 'nah nah-nah nah nahh
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike and Dru
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Coredilia's wish

Stuff about you: I love Buffy hate to miss an episode. I like Xander's sarcasm.  I love to talk to people on the board. 


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RL Name: DeAnna Putnam
Location: Mass.
Poster, varies at this point - when I'm working, I'm more chatty in the a.m. 

email addy: latispatha@hotmail.com
Bronze function: Coffee barrista (Hellmouth Brew, of course) 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Angel 
2) Becoming 1
3) Becoming 2
Buffy character you drool over: Angel, again, of course...
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Oz.
Favourite Buffy quote: "This isn't some fairytale - when I kiss you, you don't wake up and live happily ever after." - Angel.
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: I'm generally anti-possession...
Stuff about you: Seminary grad - M.Div., denomination: Vineyard Christian Fellowship, with undergrad from B.C. in theology and philosophy, writer, artist, photographer, single (but involved - yeah!) 


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RL Name: Elizabeth
Location: Morrisville (near Philly), PA
 I post when I can... 8) 
Whenever i go online... pretty general Aint it? 
email addy: Heresliz@aol.com 
Homepage URL:  I want to make one.. I dont know how! 
Bronze clubs: I belong to soo many clubs.. i cant remember all the names to them.. They're here somewhere…;  looking for my paper;  I'll find them and update later. 
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: I'm not really devoted to anyone... but Seth............................. 
Bronze Function: Advice Giver... poster...  gamer.... 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Phases 
2) Nightmares.. "Everyone can make a giraffe!" 
3) Becoming I and II  Ahh theres way too many to decide!!!! 
Buffy character you drool over: ~*~*~*~ SETH GREEN ~*~*~*~ 
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow's ... She's so much  like me!
Favourite Buffy Quote:  This is torture.. To pick?  oh man... um "It's a big rock.  Can't wait to tell my friends, they don't have a rock this big." 
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spikey!
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: All the girls in Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered 
Stuff about you:  Okay...i have a deep connection with Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Some people call it obsession.. hehe..  Let's see.  Marital status:  single / Age: 14 / Occupation: Student / RL stuff:  what is rl? Hobbies:  golf, sports, pool, television, the internet, playing the guitar  (like Oz) , collection Seth Green stuff, anything with Seth,,, can you tell  that I like him?  *no*  where'd you get that Idea?  I've only liked him  since... Ticks  You reading this sethy boy?  Collecting Buffy stuff...  Favorite Movie:  Enemy of the State, seth Movies, Star Wars series, and Back to the Future / Favorite Book:     Steppenwolf / Favorite Tv show:     Buffy (of course) and Newsradio / OKay.. I love you guys!  everyone posting... you guys are so sweet.  You gotta tell me when a VIP (especially Seth) comes to post!


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RL Name: That's my handle, everywhere I go. But friends and coworkers call me "barbara".
Location: Near Los Angeles, California, USA
Mostly poster, evenings off work, occasional afternoons at work. (shhhhhhh!) 

email addy: heretic@unforgettable.com
Homepage URL:
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: "Guardian of Spike's swagger". Trying to get "Keeper of Giles' car" but I suspect that's already taken. 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) School Hard
2) Passion
3) the Halloween ep
Buffy character you drool over: Spike
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Giles
Favourite Buffy Quote: (offhand) "Oh who am I kidding? I *love* to brag!"--Spike
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Ethan Raynes, because he's so ambiguous and because he alone can vouch for Giles' wild youth. (Wouldn't want to nominate Spike more than twice...)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: (Xander gets mutated so often...) tie: (offhand) Jenny as Eygohn, Willow as the gypsy
Stuff about you: tHE hERETIC is rarely fully awake, even with a double mocha in her, at which point she is hyper but half-asleep. Hazard of a 48 hour work week. She likes an eclectic mix of music and movies, reflecting a fairly wild youth of her own. Her current ambition is to teach high school, English or maybe Social Studies. She has experience as a college library aide as well as an occultist, and were she to somehow meet Giles in person she'd demand a date. Spike sets her on fire, Giles understands. Her biggest confession is going to Buffy the movie when it was in theatres, in full vamp-goth attire, and cheering for the vampires. And drooling over the electric violin, which she swears would be incentive to practice playing more often.

Hitomi Terwilliger

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RL Name: Jed R.
Location: Sunny Atlantic Beach, Florida
Poster or Lurker: Yes. Mostly lurker.
Usual posting time: LOSERs, baby!
Started posting: Late October, 1998
email addy: matsu_terwilliger@yahoo.com 
Homepage Name: Gazoopics!
Bronze Function: Occasional Jell-O fight referee. And promoter, if the wind's right.
How you got your PB name:   Hitomi is the name of a crazed tattoed half-obsidian bald chick that killed one Kami, brought about the death of another, and slew the moon. Really. It's a Legend of the Five Rings thing, L5R being a really cool Trading Card Game. Terwilliger is Sideshow Bob's last name. I happen to have a mass of unkempt hair, large feet, and have stepped on something to have it hit my face.,I was the first to use "goat" as a call to other Bronzers. Don't laugh; it worked. And while Angle Man is the only other person to use it, I was the guy that thought to use "technopagan" as a euphemism for "have your neck broken."
Bronze clubs:   Oh, jeez.... XDC #27 (happy feet), WPWP #288, UBC 282, BRLQ #95 (though I was the other 94 for about 7 minutes), Acute Angle #4, SDA training division avec Tsuko, the Curiously Orange Dingo, Inmate #1104 of the BAH, Oz floor, STAB member, R&D division, Lunatic Fringe of the BWGDC, one of the JDGB, and I'm sure I've forgotten some things. Like my VLD number. And my SAS number. And likely more things.

Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  non-slavish Spence devotee, somewhat slavish Avarice devotee, Head Thundering Looney, krypticon's enforcer, and king of multitasking as stated by scotlore.
Theories you created/subscribe to: I can't claim Gordo/Edith, but I'm a full supporter. I am, however, the only Giles/Willow/Ethan 'shipper, to the best of my knowledge.
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
In no real order...
1) Graduation pt.1
2) Doppelgangland
3) Innocence
Buffy character you drool over: Dru...does things to me. Faith is just, well, "guh."
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Hail Oz! Praise Oz! Hail Oz!
Favourite Buffy quote: "Well, gosh."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Wilkins!
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Either Evil Angel or Drunken Spike. I'm indecisive.
Stuff about you:  So I get to play stray bits of Matsu T., huh? Okay....
...I am one of the half dozen people that understand the significance of sleeping naked in a Gracen & Gracen box.
...I was a registered Malk, and will be again once the opportunity arises.
...I'm a sucker for 80's nostalgia moments.
...I still love Transformers.
...I down Surge by the 2-liter bottle and don't get hyper.
...I walk. A lot. I'm talking 20 mile round trips for fun here.
...I'm a cat person.
...I laughed when Jenny Calendar died.
...I lived in Seoul in '88, but I didn't attend a single Olympic event.
...I extra'd in a TV-movie that wound up on Lifetime (shudder)
...I'm a big ol' hug fiend.
...I know the lyrics to Yakko's World.
...While I'm not a baseball fan, I take time out to say "Yay" when the Braves win and "Darn" when they lose.
...I like to cook.
...I was a coin toss away from registering to vote as a Communist.
...My fave movies? LA Confidential, Princess Bride, Resevoir Dogs, and American Pie. If you haven't seen them, do so now.
...As much as I love Trolls, I anxiously await the release of Orkworld.
...The first word I said is lost to the ages, but the first word I read was "Sears."
...I keep a copy of "Way of the Scorpion" on me, just because it's cool. MacBeth too. And a Resevoir Dogs screenplay. And Latin/English and Klingon/English dictionaries.
...I miss Calvin & Hobbes, as well as the Far Side. And, of course, the most important thing....
...Tina's having an affair with Gooshie.


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RL Name: Victoria
Location: IL
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: Evenings, L.O.S.E.R.s
email addy: Leia450@excite.com
Bronze clubs:   S*C*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S #77, "we can't go to the PBP, but wish we could" #33, SWC #48, NBA (V-P) #2, B&BU (founder), DEMON (co-founder), PBA #407, CCC #3, Chicago Bronzer, Buffkins, PAH Cordelia/Charisma Floor Rm 513
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  kidlet of Missi, sislet to thy Slayer, twinlet to Holly Frog, cousinlet to jvs, Keeper of Cordelia's heroic ability to save the day and Angel's failed attempt to deteriorate at sunrise.

Bronze Function: The Cheerleader, The Drive-by Queen
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1)  Lover's Walk
2)  Becoming
3)  Hush
3 Favourite Angel eppys:
1)  Hero
2)  Expecting
3)  Rm w/ a Vu
Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Giles
Favourite Buffy Quote: "I'm the dip" - Cordelia
Favourite Buffy Baddie:  Dru 
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Angel's Humanity
Stuff about you:  undergraduate student, double major in Speech Communication/Theatre and English Literature with a minor in Spanish, during breaks I work at a farm, hobbies: acting, singing, speeching, dancing, traveling, photography; spent a term in London where I met some of my favorite Bronzers and they got me drunk; fave movie: Star Wars; fave TV shows: Angel, Buffy, X-Files


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RL Name: Jennifer

Location: School:  Nashville, TN; Home: West Palm Beach, FL 
Poster (my addiction won't let me lurk) 
Mostly evenings with aspirations to be a L.O.S.E.R. on the weekends 
email addy: horizon999@yahoo.com

Bronze clubs:  committed resident of the BAH on the David/Angel floor Rm. #120, WPWP #93, Sarah-S.O.T.A #76, PBA #40, SDA in the Relations division, L.O.S.E.R., UBC #195, Sweick=Evil Club, Buffy/Faith '99, Romantic Saps Club 
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: gazoo's mistaken twin, psychic twin to Haven and the Keeper of her Wisdom, Closet Buffyholic's stubborn arch nemesis, Funky Party Weasel with Lovely Poet, and wasting away in margaritaville with my PBP roomies devil, Lady Bathory, Grinn, slay_me, and honorary roomie Mircalla 
Bronze function:  I have no function in life. 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
2)Becoming 1&2 

Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: It's a big rock. Can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big." -- Spike, 'Becoming 1' 
and for your doublemint pleasure here's another:     "Giles, 20th century? I'm not gonna be fighting Friar Tuck." -- Buffy, 'Angel' 
Favourite Buffy Baddie:  Spike 
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: The ghost possession of Buffy and Angelus in IOHEFY. It gave all of us B/A 'shippers one last kiss before everything went to Hell. A close second is the "It's a Wonderful Life" spell placed on everyone in 'The Wish'. 
Best fight scene:    The sword fight in B2. It was just so emotional. But that's followed closely by the fight in the alternate demon dimension in 'Anne'. Jeff and Sophia are just spectacular. 
Favourite verbal exchange:     Buffy and Spike exchanging punches and insults in B2. Classic scene. 

Stuff about you: Hmmm.  Stuff about me.  Oh where's Angle Man when you need him?  I'm 19 and a single white female...though I like to believe I'm not psychotic. I absolutely love sports.  Football, hockey, baseball, and basketball are my faves.  And no one better say anything disparaging about the Dolphins!  Favourite tv show:     I think I speak for everyone when I say "Duh".  Favourite book:     I just loved "Where the Red Fern Grows" although "The Princess Bride" is climbing the ladder fast.  And I've met just about some of the nicest people on the PB and am so thankful for that.  (maybe I should have put some sincerity warnings with that)

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