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RL Name: Erin
Location: Tennessee
Poster or Lurker: Lurker and occasional poster
Usual posting time: evenings
Started posting: March of 2000
email addy: 
Bronze Function: Honorary Bandmember
How you got your PB name:   I like the way it looks in various scripts. Bronze clubs:   GLR member#202, SFC member#224;SFC Guardian of Riley's Nerf Basketball and Hoop, soon to be member of BAH and OWMP (hopefully), GASPer

Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  Bronze Keeper of the Music, Keeper of Sunnydale's Post Office and Public Library, Keeper of Riley's alarm clock, Keeper of Oz's UC Sunnydale paperwork (New Moon Rising), Keeper of Wesley's cream-colored, hand-knit sweater, Guardian of Wesley's forgiveness of Angel, Adopted Mom of Lilah Morgan (lawyer from W&H)
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
The Wish, Homecoming, Superstar, Hush, Graduation, anything with Oz and most everything with Riley, Something Blue, Living Conditions, Becoming, Choices, Witch, Beauty and the Beasts, also Angel's Hero, I've Got You Under My Skin, Room with a Vu, She, Expecting and Eternity
Buffy character you drool over: Riley
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Riley, Oz, or Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: Giles "Don't speak Latin in front of the books."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike and The Mayor
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Giles turned into Fyral Demon, Cordelia's wish, Silence in Hush and Jonathon's world
Stuff about you:  I am shy, hence the Lurker part. I read as much as possible and open to book suggestions. Also, I'm a big movie buff. Constantly procrastinate housework to lurk. I love all things Buffy and REALLY love Riley. I'm a B/A shipper but realistic about the whole doomed relationship thing and a Willow/Oz Supporter. I like Tara just not with Willow. That about covers it.


RL Name: same as above
Poster and lurker, All the time (seems I never leave) 
Homepage URL: The Gazoo page (put together by fellow Bronzers)

Bronze clubs: Buffyatrics, UBC#129, SDA, XDC#124, BAH SMG/RM#416, Sarah-S.O.T.A.#42, L.O.S.E.R.s, sweick=evil, Buffy, Eh?.
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:Blade/mere-2000 Official Mascot and Air Force 1 Hood Ornament
Bronze function: Bronze jukebox paladin

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Welcome to the Hellmouth/The Harvest 
2) Prophecy Girl 
3) Becoming1/2

Buffy character you drool over:Buffy
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Buffy
Favourite Buffy quote:Pieces? Pick up the pieces! Our job SUCKS!
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Darla
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Jenny as Eyghon

Stuff about you: No one really knows and it is up to each poster to decide what I am. ;o) 

Gellar Crazy

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RL Name: Chrissy Schilling
Location: new Jersey
Poster, Whenever 

email addy:

3 Favourite Buffy eppys
1) Becoming 1 
2) Becoming 2
3) Prophecy Girl
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Buffy
Favourite Buffy quote: " just cuz your girlfriend is a big ho"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Dru
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy as maiden from the 18th century
Stuff about you: 18, Student, Single, no life except Buffy, A brown belt in tae kwon do(no lie), Trying to make myself like buffy. 


Picture currently not available 

RL Name: Petar (it's not as intimadating as the above I know)
Location: Toronto
Poster and Lurker, I'm a definate LOSER. Is that sad? 

email addy: (that's hard to remember aint it?)
Bronze Clubs: UBC #365, BAH Inmate in Room 426 Buffy/SMG Floor, PBA #176, NOSferatu, Proud Member of Buffy, Eh?, Guardian of Stone the Dingo 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Oz-basher #1
Bronze Function: SometimeBartender, Starter of Food Fights
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) When She Was Bad
2) Bewiched, Bothered, and Bewildered
3) School Hard
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy...Willow...Buffy...Willow...I can't decide!!!
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: Giles: "It's devastating. He's turned into a sixteen-year-old boy. Of course you'll have to kill him." The Pack
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike, definatly Spike. He's so....something!
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy as Xander's more...friendly friend in BBB
Stuff about you: I'm really very interesting, so interesting in fact that to try to write it down here would greatly dimminsh how very interesting I really am. So it's enough to say that I am very interesting. Really. Very. I am!

golden girl

Picture currently not available 

RL Name: it would show up in color, so I'm not gonna tell you, just remember that it's the same as one of the VIPs.
Location: Columbia, MO. at school, Kansas City, MO. at home 
Generally lurking, I post when I feel I have something intelligent to add to the discussion, definitely not a LOSER or a Coffee Clubber, I'm usually around during mid-day (Central time) and the late evenings during the week, weekends whenever I have a huge chunk of free time. 

email addy:
Homepage URL:

Bronze Clubs: WPWP 617, PBA 299, Oz Lovers' Cult, eventually I'm gonna get my assignment in the BAH on the Oz/Seth floor if Angela ever gets her act together...... 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: slavish Seth and Alyson devotee, cuzlet to ShadowSlayer and WitchyWoman, riding shotgun on the sweick=evil bandwagon
Bronze Function: oh, don't I wish

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Phases
2) Innocence
3) Beauty and the Beast

Buffy character you drool over: Oz
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Oz
Favourite Buffy Quote: "I'm twice the fool it takes to do this," Xander, Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike/Mr. Trick (the two of them together will be interesting) 
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Ethan's Halloween spell turning the gang into their costumes 

Stuff about you: I'm 21, will turn 22 the day before Aly Hannigan's birthday. A Kansas City native, I stayed close to home to attend journalism school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, and I will graduate with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in May. I love watching ER and The X-Files in addition to Buffy, and I am a huge sports fan, especially of my beloved Tigers. My bronze name is taken from the name of our school's dance squad, which led everyone to believe that I was actually on the squad, which I'm not. It's just an easy name to remember.


Picture not available

RL Name: Tim
A little of both Poster and Lurker, Evenings 

email addy:
Bronze clubs: WPWP, CFKASSU
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming I
2) Becoming II
3) Harvest
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: " What rhymes with Lungs?" - Spike
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Oz= werewolf, Soldier
Stuff about you: SW male with a Jewish twist, 23 years old who is still a off again on again student. I am a sensitive soul and love to read romantic poetry. I enjoy music of the rock variety; also some blues and jazz are delightful. turn ons-living persons / turn offs-un dead and the stiff dead to. The Bronze brings together everyone of diverse backgrounds, and it is all because of our love for that one show known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer-goldspike August 17, 1998. 


Picture not available.

RL Name: Terri
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: all day
Started posting: Feb. 7, 2000
email addy: 
Homepage Name: greeneyes daily challenge
How you got your PB name:   really the color of my eyes ,Girls who Love Riley

Bronze clubs:   GLR#1, ARG: Angel and Riley Guild #5, BBBGH #142, Blucas Brigade #36, Bronze Menagerie, FinnAtic #144, PDC #71, Quiet Commandos #59
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  Vampire Hunters Inc. Staff Prom Princess
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Hush
2) Doomed
3) Primeval
Buffy character you drool over: Riley
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Riley
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike


greengirl with Nicky 

RL Name: Tammie
Location: Just moved to Chicago
Poster, mornings-evening 

email addy:
Homepage URL:

Bronze Clubs: Buffyatric, Chief of White House Acquisitions, XDC #64, LoXH #8, Angelus Groupies co-founder, OLC-great greengirl of OZ, S.A. #3, SDA relations and owner of x-man, the pesky dingo, BufFK lover #2, WPWP #41, UBC #113, UFB #9, MA #25 i am mocking you right now with my green faux crocodile monkeypants, Sarah-S.O.T.A. #5 (angel ice skating? "Two worlds collide"), BRLQ #31 "reading makes our speaking English good", PBA #16 "it's better than xander's dancing", BAH #216 Nick/Xander floor, CUV #9, Texans for Buffy Brigade, member of the 

Bronze clubs (con'd):Chicago Chapter of Issues Anonymous-Giddy Delight, Keeper of Willow's inner moppet, Keeper of Angel's sadistic taunting of Spike, Keeper of Xander's inner moppet..., Official PBP Nick Brendon Stalker, member of GASP as the "keeper of Giles' hot-wiring ability, member #22 of the FDC and an honourary member of Buffy eh?
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: non-slavish Ty King devotee, slavish KAM devotee, happy giver to RD
Bronze Function: i did deliver a rather moving speech at RD's funeral...but i don't think that counts
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Passion
2) The Pack 
3) Becoming 2
Buffy character you drool over: Xander
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred and the ecstasy of grief."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Angelus
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: xander as hyena boy 
Stuff about you: 
ok..well...i got the name greengirl by wearing a certain pair of green doc martins..and other green clothing items as well...i love green...i am 24 and i am single...but have a pretty cool boyfriend
fave books: Eyes of the Dragon-Stephan King, Pride and Prejudice, Almost Anything Shakespeare
fave movies: Titanic, Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh version), So I Married an Axe Murderer, Say Anything, The Princess Bride, Trainspotting, Empire of the Sun
fave Actors: Kenneth Branagh, Seth Green, Mike Myers, John Cusack, Christian Bale, Jonny Lee Miller
fave actresses: Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Alyson Hannigan
fave tv: buffy..really that's about it
fave bands: Dave Matthews Band, Live 


(Picture not available)

RL Name: Gregg Andrews
Location: NJ, USA
Both poster and lurker, Loser during summer and on weekends. all day during the summer 


Bronze clubs:LURKer, PBA #168, BATS #17, L.O.S.E.R (Only on weekends and during the summer), WPWP #360, UFB #82, BRLQ #84, Room #327 on the Willow/Aly floor of the BAH, NOSer, UBC #350, WRX! #21, BTF? #7, Honorary Member of Buffy, Eh? #29, CoFounder of FAANS(#2), "Fantabulous" IFS #6, PHBA #5, JP Gang Member #31
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Halloween
2) School Hard 
3) The Pack
Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: "Can you vague that up a bit?"
Favourite Buffy Baddie:Angelus
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow as ghost

Grinning Man
but Grinn for short. And, some of the female Bronzers call me Grinny. (So did Ty King once, but we won't go there...) 

RL Name: Josh
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Poster (Although sometimes it doesn't seem like it, as of late. ;-)) 

email addy:
Homepage URL: Grinn's Fanfic Corperation
Bronze Clubs: President, GFC, Member of the "Look Mom, I've Been Impersonated!" Club, FBQ #3 "I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it goes away.", TCFTAPB #7, M.O.T.R #41: Magus of the Revolution, Buffy/Faith true believer #34, Willow Wearing Leather #13, Proud BASH SHEEP!!, Supporter-because frogs are slimy!, L.O.S.E.R.S.
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: I'm dating Lady Bathory... Does that count? :-)
Bronze function: Well, I fixed the Jukebox once, and I installed and maintain The Bronze Washing Machine. (The button is right by the Jukebox. Hit it once, and waist level water & suds flood The Bronze. Hit it again, and grates open in the floor and drain it out, leaving The Bronze shiny and new. Fun to press when you want some wet shenanigans. ;-))

Bronze sayings/words coined by you: Vampire Board, BASH SHEEP!!
When you started posting: I'm going with February 20'th, 1998. (Also, the first night I started posting was when LOSERs was founded.)

3 Favorite Buffy eppys:
1) Surprise & Innocence
2) Passion
3) Becoming parts 1 & 2.

Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow... She's just so sweet, how could you not like her? :-)
Favorite Buffy quote: "This is just... neat!"
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Ethane Rayne, the smarmy Dr. Smith of Buffy. :-)
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow under Xander's love spell in BB&B. ;-)
Stuff about you: I'm 19, (born on July 25'th, 1979,) and want to be a writer or artist for the comic book industry, although I wouldn't mind writing for TV or movies, either. What I do most of the day is tinker around on the computer, draw, write, and play video games. I'm currently dating (and very in love with) Lady Bathory, a fellow poster, who I met through the board. (It seems Cupid really likes matching people up on the PB. ;-)) I got the name The Grinning Man (although I mostly go by Grinn now,) from something I read in a book the night before my first post, about strange apearances of "Grinning Men" around UFO sightings, who wore bright clothes, and have also been known to follow you, or appear over your bed and watch you. There's also been reports of people seeing them walking in packs down old roads during that night that are rarely used. I thought it was kinda creepy, so I used it. :-)


Picture not available.

RL Name: Sara
Location: San Diego
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Started posting: Febuary of 1999
email addy: 
How you got your PB name:   GurlGreen.. I got this because of my obsession with Seth Green (oz)

3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Hush
2) Earshot
3) Hush, lol
Buffy character you drool over: OZ
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: OZ


(Picture not available)

RL Name: Jenny Stevens
Location: New York, New York
Poster, Coffee Club

email addy:
Bronze Clubs: Volunteer to hit Wesley #27
How you got your PB Name:  Okay, shorta long story.  I was named for Guenivere (King Arthur's queen); Jennifer is the Anglicized version of that name.  And, of course, Jenny is the nickname for Jennifer.  My mom picked the name Jenny because in the movie "Camelot" King Arthur always calls Guenivere "Jenny" as a nickname.  So here's the loopy logic:  I took the nickname of the orignal version of my "Galic" name and viola!  Hope I'm making sense . . . 

Started postng: April 1999
Theories: Too many theories to count (most of which have not been expressed yet :)).  One includes one of my first posts about how the city of Sunnydale is as character of the show . . . I cling to that one relgiously!

3 Favorite Buffy eppys:
1)Becoming Part 2
2)The Wish 
3)Bad Candy
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favorite Buffy quote: "And you, you're going to live forever, you don't even have time for a cup of coffee?"
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Angelus
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:  Cordelia's Wish

Stuff about you: Hmmm . . . don't know exactly what to put.  I'm 23, single, live (very soon) in Manhattan (I've been living in Brooklyn).  I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College a year ago.  I work full time for a gift sourcing firm (we find stuff that corporations give away--it's actually a whole lot more fun than it sounds; I'm the only full timer besides the boss/owner).  I have a cat named Chester who is the love of my life right now (no matter how naughty he is).


(Picture not available)

RL Name: Amanda

Location: South Dakota
Addicted Luker, afternoon
email addy:
Bronze Clubs: NOSFERATU, LURK 
How  you got your PB Nickname:   It's also my dog's name, or in honor of Jenny 
When you started posting:  Oh, I think it was the summer of '98 
What episode got you hooked on Buffy and why:   Halloween, I was flipping and it caught my eye; it was just fun 
Favorite verbal exchange:  In The Dark Age beginning w/ "That's it.  Twelve yrs. of you and I'm snappin'." to "Then get the hell out of my library!" 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1)Becoming 1&2 
2)Lovers Walk 

Buffy character you drool over: toss-up:  Angel or Xander 
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow, or maybe Oz 
Favourite Buffy Quote: Yeah, right!  Just one?  "Angel, Angel, Angel.  Does every conversation we have have to come around to that freak?  Hey man, how ya doin'?" 
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Dru
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Tie, all of Band Candy and Xander in hyena form. 

Stuff about you:
Birthday:     3/3/81  Well, right now I'm a senior in HS with no idea what to do after I graduate.  To college I go, but for what?  I collect a ton of different stuff, including bears. My favorite show is...well, Buffy, ER, and That 70's Show. My life is pretty boring sorry to say.


RL Name: Jennifer (but you can call me Jen)
Location: Ft. (hole in the wall) Myers, Florida
Poster, Coffee Clubber mostly....some in the afternoon and evening 

email addy:
Bronze Clubs: Buffyatric, XDC#120, SDA: proud parent of aeon, monican spy dingo, LLFJ#15, WPWP#74, room 121 angel/David floor of the BAH, angelus groupie #43, UBC#118 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: slavish -mere- devotee, Secretary of doing whatever the hell i want blade/-mere- 2000, pants wearer -mere-/Ccool wedding, insane MAD member (-mere-'s all-night diner), IGNORER of fenric, AIM buddy or KAM, theRATinator, QOS, Willa is my mistress, Buffy13 - friend with privileges, former jealous fiancee now Adultress of bookish_girl
Bronze Function: greasy spatula queen of the bronze
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1)lie to me
3)Becoming 2
Buffy character you drool over: Angelus
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Oz
Favourite Buffy Quote: i'm rash and impulsive, its a flaw!
met and old man. i didn't like him. he got stuck in my teeth.
the whole scene between buffy and willow...ending with 1-800-i'm-dating-a-skanky-ho!
there are so many good ones i'm forgetting....
Favourite Buffy Baddie: dru
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: *ahem* xander, hyena, yum! 
Stuff about you:
marital status: do rats marry?
age: age is so relative...
hobbies: i love sports, particularly playing, softball, basketball, pretty much all of them... favorite tv: BtVS (duh), South Park, *cough* X:WP*cough*, La Femme Nikita, X-files...oh and RAW...i don't really have a favorite book or movie, it always changes...i do greatly enjoy talking to my bronzer buds (you know who you are...vixshen's and all) and meeting new bronzers...i guess thats about i live a boring life.

(Get Your Stuff Together, pronounced jist [basic concept], 
jest [joke, derived from gesture, a non-verbal means of communication], and/or giest [a type of spirit/ghost, ie: poltergiest])

Picture not available 

RL Name: Glenn Stromness
Location: B.C.
Poster childe with the feral grin, LOSERS and when I'm on the keyboard (Not necesarily

Bronze Clubs: PHBA #13, Amy Madison Club member #7
Bronze Function: Wouldn't mind being the door man... 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming #2 (the end was touching...)
2) School Hard (That had almost everything!)
3) Ted (Because of the Jenny-Giles interaction)
Buffy character you drool over: ? I'm 25, so SMG and CC, I guess...
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Giles (More than just a Watcher!)
Favourite Buffy Quote: FAR too many...
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike with Dru, of course!
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy as a "proper" girl (in Halloween).
Stuff about you: Writing (poetry, novels, stories, scripts, etc.), age 25, single male, Canadian, loved the Thrall and the Dragon's Heart, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, and a bunch of others. Loved the 5th element, Innocent Blood, and Manaquin. Avid RPGr into Shadowrun, AD&D, Palladium (Almost All), and lots more. Poetic romantic at heart, helpful, and esentially a big softy...with bristles.

"Whereforth comes this seed
That causes both hand and heart to bleed?
'Tis the flower you use to propose
My dear lady, 'tis the rose!"
~Glenn Stromness, Whereforth comes this seed? 

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