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RL Name: Nice Try
Location: Boston, MA

Poster or Lurker: Both
Usual Posting Time: Whenever I can, usually Loser-Coffee

email addy: gingerbread_rk@hotmail.com

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Bad Girls
2) Phases
3) The Pack
Buffy character you drool over: I don't drool, you get all sticky
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "That's not where I dangle it"  --Jenny IRYJ"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Faith
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Vamp Willow
Stuff about you: I am young and single.  Both are annoying, as those "older" and "wiser" than me say that they wish that they were in my position.  I am a school librarian, like a female Giles.  I have many hobbies- do I even have to mention that I live for reading?  I love music, 
and growing things...all legal.  I am also a grad student not looking forward to writing a thesis.


Picture not available.

RL Name: Edward Gurewicz
Location: NY

Poster or Lurker: poster
Usual posting time: early evenings EST

email addy: EGure64064@aol.com


Picture not available.

RL Name: Rosaleen (fake last name)
Location: U.S.
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: Anytime I can
Started posting: January of 99
email addy: Rose_love00@hotmail.com 
How you got your PB name:   I wanted to be Hope form the eppie title "Hope, Faith, & Trickory" but it was taken, & I didn't want to be the 3rd faith. But the title was taken from a Bible verse, "Hope, Faith, & Fate" so I'm fate. Rosaleen is just a pretty name, it's Irish, & means love.,~Boom!~ this means WAR! *bouncie bouncie bouncie* Borred...`~*Your Name Awards!*~`

Bronze clubs:   I'm in Sunnydale Fang Club & the AltWatchers.
Bronze Function: Bronze Terrorist(j/k)
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  friends, hmmmmmmmm... uh, Azrael, faith, Faith#2, Steak gurl, Deacon Frost, canadian, Vampress, Lurker, anyone I meet & like, I'm sure i'm gonna forget somone here...
Theories you created/subscribe to: What's a theory? Angel= hottie! Xander=lol! Spike=*drool* Riley=*vomit*
Buffy character you drool over: Angel/Spike/Lindsey
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Anya (j/k)
Favourite Buffy quote: I heard! You made a trip to the local boggady boggady store!-Angel to Jenny in Passion
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Amy's love spell for Xander
Stuff about you:  wouldn't you like to know? hehehe...


RL Name: Noelle
Location: D.C.
Poster, Workdays (EST) 

email addy: noelle@ceep.gwu.edu
Bronze clubs: "Look Ma, I've been Impersonated"
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:Official Cate Groupie, Head Chef for the Buffy Kitchen
Bronze function: Official Groupie Trainer

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Prophecy Girl 
2) Lie to Me 
3) Phases
Buffy character you drool over: Oz
Buffy Character you like best for their soul:Ms. Calendar
Favourite Buffy quote: "That's actually why I'm calling. Jordy wouldn't happen to be a werewolf.....Oh, I see. How long has this been going on?"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Darla!!!! *sniff*
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:Buffy as helpless damsel in distress

Stuff about you: I prefer to remain an enigma.... 


Picture currently not available 

RL Name: Dan
Location: Idaho. No, really, Idaho.
Mostly Poster, but have a lurkage habit as well, could be anytime, depending on whup. 
email addy: dbixby1594@aol.com
Bronze Clubs: S.T.A.B. #77, B.R.L.Q. #101
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Strigoi's Administrative Assistant
Bronze Function: Weekend Happy Hour Bartender, 10 p.m. to LOSERs
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming 2
2) Becoming 1
3) Halloween 

Buffy character you drool over: Cordelia...I have this cool whip dream...
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Cordelia, your mouth is open. Sound is coming from it. This is never good."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike, for his love of Manchester United
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy, posessed by Xander's love spell. "Aren't you gonna open your present?"

Stuff about you: Single (essentially), 24 going on 17 (I don't wanna grow up, I'm a BtVS kid...).Birthday is November 6, 1973, and an avid golfer (9 handicap) & hockey player. Let's Go Red Wings!! Also live for football Saturdays, and as a U of Michigan alum the world stops when they're playing. Hail to the victors valiant... Fave movies~ Heathers, anything by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma), Bridge on the River Kwai, Star Wars, The Crow, Toy Story (all hail JOSS), and Scarface. Pretty wide array. I also just bought a DVD player, so anything that has a great soundtrack, like Apollo 13, is incredible. Kind of a self-proclaimed Rennaissance Guy. Oh, and I'm going to Chile in January for 5 months to vacation and to try to write a book. 


Picture currently not available 

RL Name:Will
Location: Raleigh, NC
Poster, Coffee Club (work day until 5 est), lurk at other times 
email addy: fenric@buffymail.com
Bronze Clubs: Buffyatric, XDC, WPWP, Sarah-S.O.T.A. (Co-founder), BAH, JP Gang, and the HOTH & the SWO
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Master to bookish girl, My Scully, My Captivating Bodyguard, -mere-'s Instant Buddy/Bodyguard (IBB), IGNORER of gypsyrat 

Bronze Function: SO King (in the line of Occido and ~sara~) 
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Prophecy Girl
2) Passion
3) When She Was Bad
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "On a Scale of 1 to 10... it sucked"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy under Amy's spell, BBB (NOT the Buffy-rat)

Stuff about you: 31, financial analyst... I love sports, movies, tv, comics. Fave movies: Say Anything, Rachel Papers, Henry V, Austin Powers, Fandango. Fave Bands: Todd Rundgren, Tragically Hip, Cure, Ben Folds Five. I travel a lot to visit my Bronzer buds...who are the greatest group of people ever... the show, and the Bronze... and mostly the people... have changed my life in such a positive fashion that it cannot be described by mere words. Look for me in your town soon! 


Picture currently not available 

RL Name:Shannan
Location: Daytona, Florida
Both poster and lurker, coffee clubber 
email addy: fbcrisci@totcon.com
Bronze Clubs: STAB member # 122, PBA member # 280, WPWP member #642, Bronze Welcome Wagon member, Hopefully soon a GASPer member
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: IV coffee user (thanks to belmont you bad influence you!), Complete slave to the spoilers, Non-slavish oddstruck devotee 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
Buffy character you drool over: Giles
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: from faith: the "we need to keep using the ointment" quote from "Homecoming"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Mr. Trick
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: The one that gave Angel back his soul (B2)
Stuff about you: I'm 22, soon to be divorced. I have two beautiful girls, Arianna Garnett 2 and Sabrina Hope 5. I'm 5ft9, I have long black hair and big brown eyes. I love reading and poetry. Books are my passion, art too, my favorite artist is Soryama. I love The Bronze and am now hopelessly addicted! I am also a die hard horror movie fan, I've seen them all, even some lesser known movies.I am in the process of writing a horror novel now, I also write poetry and romances. 


(Picture not available, artistic representation potentially pending)

Location: Terra Incognita
both Poster and Lurker, all day, except late at night. 
email addy: Fidelis@HBZmail.com
3 Favorite Buffy eppys:
1) "Passion"
2) "Lie to Me"
3) "Becoming"
Buffy character you drool over: I don't drool.
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Giles 

Favorite Buffy quote: "To forgive is an act of compassion. . . It's done not because people deserve it. It's done because people need it." or "If its to last,then the getting of knowledge should be tangible. It should be, um, smelly."
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Spike.
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: I'm not keen on spells, 
magic and possession.
Personal Stuff: I'm older than Ty King and have a better beard, but am not as witty. I am a confirmed bachelor with no appreciable hobbies, unless one counts reading as a hobby. When I read it is generally history; but if it is not, it is likely to be either Trollope, or Chesterton, or Hawthorne, or Sigrid Undset,or Evelyn Waugh. I am primarily a teacher, mostly of theology and some intellectual history; and while my favorite upper-level course is mystical theology, my most popular upper-level course is on the devil. In lieu of a picture I can give a composite of what people have said about me, at least the most memorable things. A person once told me that I looked "positively medieval" and another that I looked like "Satan". Both, I think, were intended as compliments. Putting them together means,I guess,that I look like the villain of a Gothic novel. 


(Picture not available)

RL Name: Sue-Ann Peterson
Poster, evenings, weekends, and LOSERs sometimes (if I actually manage to stay up that late) 

email addy: sapeterson@prodigy.net
Bronze clubs: Buffyaholics, BAH, PBA, IFS #3 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: In desperate need of a shout out list.
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Angel 
2) Lie to Me 
3) Becoming Part 2
Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Xander
Favourite Buffy quote: "I'm beginning to prefer the old Buffy whipped Angel, this new improved Angelus isn't playing with a full sack." Loosely quoted from memory. 
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike (Is there really any choice?)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow as a Ghost.
Stuff about you: I like the Bronze because these are the only people I know who are as sickly obsessed with this TV show as I am. They're the only people I can talk to. The only people that understand. 


(Picture not available) 

RL Name: Jon
Location: New Jersey
Poster with just a pich of lurker. 
Work (whenever I have a chance) and Tuesday nights 

email addy: conk3@hotmail.com 
Bronze Function: I take out the garbage

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Prophecy Girl 
2) Lovers Walk
3) Becoming (Part 2)
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy...duh (and that Vampire Willow was pretty nice) 
Buffy Character you like best for their soul:  Angel
Favourite Buffy quote: "I killed you, and it didn't help." - Amends 
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Vampire Willow

Stuff about you: I'm an interactive designer (really I'm an artist but I wanted to have a cool "techie" title). There is a Mrs. Flip, although thats not what she does, at home with our two spoiled felines. 


(Picture not available) 

RL Name: (ahem) I go by FOSman for a reason. ;-)
Location: Tennessee
LURKer (though I do still post occasionally), When I'm up and happen to feel like it. *G* Mostly I just lurk. 

email addy: bwain@bellsouth.net
Bronze clubs:bfylvr McQuack - Courageous Kirbyclause's faithful sidekick, A derring do-gooder of the JLPB, proud member of the ATPWTBBSEHT, insane resident of the BAH, room 301 - Alyson/Willow Floor, founder of the DCDB, Staff Photographer/Shoe Shiner of the Joss, Alyson, Lost Boy, Jeff Pruitt, and SCOUT are gods club (aka The God Squad), Faddah FOSman of the ODW - "For Her presence doth bringeth peace and harmony unto ALL the Bronze.," The Holy Hypertext, Official Keeper of The Tomes de Willow: The Divine Book of Willow, The Book of the Sacred Comp, The Holy Hypertext , member #143 of WPWP - keeper of the Willow Powered donuts (TM) -breakfast of Slayers, LURKer Extraordinare - founder of The LURK, PBA member #83 - "it's better than singing in the rain.," SDA, Integrity division - with my dingo, Wit UFB member #19, BATS member #10, Minister of Truth - BLADE/-MERE- 2000 Cabinet member, Owner of a "BLADE/-MERE- 2000 THEY DON'T 

Bronze Clubs (con'd): SUCK" button, UBC #140, FTU #22, L.O.S.E.R.s, 44% nerd, BATOS, MMJC, TNS, The Shadowlord of EMFABT, JP Gang Member #18 
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:As far as I know, I am not a legend. I deny any and all charges concerning this alleged status.
Bronze function:None. I just kinda leach off everyone else. ;-P 
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) The Pack 
2) Passion
3) Becoming (the whole thing)

Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: "They ate principle Flutie?"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: The Dru, Spike, Angelus trio
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Angel to Angelus (bad is good, baby!!)

Stuff about you: Hmmm...well, it's been awhile since the UTV Who's Who so I don't remember everything I put in there, but I'll see if I can remember the basics. *G*
Reading interests: Fantasy and sci-fi in the forms of Tolkien, Niven, Mercedes Lackey, Asimov, Heinlein, McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, Arthur C. Clark, Ian McDonald, and so many others that while I may not remember their names at the moment, I still have their books on my shelves.
Hobbies: Roleplaying. Mostly stuff in the White Wolf system. Also Fading Suns and Champions...especially when the White Wolf stuff gets repetitive. *G*
Fav TV Shows: Buffy (of course), B5, X-Files, Mellinium, The Tick, Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, Pinky and The Brain, Space Ghost, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but I'll get over it. *G*
Fav Movies: Buffy, Star Wars trilogy, X-Files, Ever After, Buckaroo Banzai, City of Lost Children, Fifth Element...you know, I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. *G*
What I do: Studying photography. By the end of this school year, I should have my associates degree. We'll see what happens from there. ;-)
Bronze stuff: I've been around the Bronze for almost a year now. I used to post more frequently (and on topic), but I've gone to LURKing since most of my opinions are stated sooner or later anyway. *G*


Picture currently not available

RL Name: Ron Nomura
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Both poster and lurker, evenings

email addy: RNomura@aol.com
Bronze Clubs: WPWP #682

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) "Passion"
2) "Prophecy Girl"
3) "When She Was Bad"

Buffy character you drool over: Jenny Calendar
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow Rosenberg
Favourite Buffy Quote: Buffy: "You Have Fruit Punch Mouth"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Jenny as the Demon of Eyegon

Stuff about you: I'm 34 years old, Currently Single, and I work as a Prop builder on Star Trek DS9 and Voyager. I also make the promo CDs for Four Star Mary (Dingos Ate My Baby) and Madcow (from "Band Candy") I'm a big collector of soundtracks, one of my hobbies to collect songs used on Buffy.


Picture currently not available

RL Name: Tim Budd
Location: UK
Poster, when I can get to a computer. 

email addy: funkybuddfus@yahoo.com 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:  - sorry- only seen 2 so far 

Buffy character you drool over:  Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow - yep- I'm getting obsessed! 
Favourite Buffy Quote: I laugh in the face of danger- then I hide until it goes away 
Favourite Buffy Baddie: cmon- I've only seen 2 episodes so far. 
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:  none as yet
Stuff about you:  I'm at exeter uni- doin history- 4 hours lectures a week.   I'm into canoeing, fencing, drinking, outdoors, Vampires, and general fantasy/scifi stuff- ie Dragonlance etc. apart from that my mind is blank- say no more 

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