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RL Name: Andrea Schmoll
Location: Vienna/Austria
Poster or Lurker: usually Poster
Usual posting time: LOSER, etc
Started posting: ?October?
email addy: a9700023@unet.univie.ac.at 
How you got your PB name:   Rimbaud used to drink it

Bronze clubs:  Proud Member #7 of DevoTB
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Proud Sislet of redruM
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Doppelgängerland
2) Wild at heart
Buffy character you drool over: Oz & Willow *gg*
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: Bored now
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow being a witch



Picture currently not available

RL Name: Adina -- I'm not creative enough to have a nick name..perhaps I should run a contest and have someone pick one out for me : )
Location: SoCal
Poster or Lurker: Both, I show up at all hours of the day...tho I consider myself dedicated to the LOSERs board. When you started posting: March 1999 I began posting regularly, I was a long time lurker prior to that. When they found archives from the summer of 1998 on an old DC page, oddly I was there..tho I don't remember it : )
email addy: buffy@summers.net
Homepage URL:  http://buffy.summers.net
ICQ #:  6369720
AIM Name:  antijoss
Bronze Clubs: PWCJC #19, FTU #116, S*C*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S #123, one of Marti's Minions, one of Jane's Junkies, one very B.A.L.S. (bad and lazy scroller), and co-founder of the No Rules Club.

Bronze Function: I am on the Shadowslayer as Mayor campaign/ticket as the current Principal of the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High School (pray I don't get eaten like my two predecessors) *G* I also help bring couples together, just ask *mumble* and *mumble*  
Bronze sayings/words coined by you: have been known from time to time to refer to Faith as 'slayertrash' (jokingly of course)
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) The Prom (hey Jonothon's speech!), Earshot (again *sniffle* Jonothon), Superstar (pattern..) and all other Danny Strong eps.
2) Hush
3) Prophecy Girl
Buffy character you drool over: oddly enough..jonothon
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Jonothon (notice a pattern starting to form? *G*)
Favourite Buffy Quote: "I can't believe you of all people are trying to Scully me..." Buffy (TP)
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Faith/Darla for very different reasons (as season baddies) Sunday (for a stand alone ep baddie who had potential to be much more than that one ep)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Giles's non existant binding spell that he used to get Buffy to talk out what happened the day she left town..to find out what was troubling her..and to find a way to help her thru the hard times and Anya's bizarro world created by Cordelia's wish in The Wish. (too bad Cordie couldn't have remembered it if even as a dream state when it was brought back to the world we know IE. Angel episode IWRY)
Stuff about you: I'm 23, single, taking a break from studying to be a special needs teacher. I am a BTVS and Angel fan (obviously). I also am addicted to X-Files, Roswell, Sports Night and ER. I run a combined BTVS/X-Files page and a Danny Strong (Jonothon) fan page. I have two cats which annoy me daily, mIRC (yes as in the chat client) and Rayanne (yes as in MSCL's crazy friend). When I'm not at the Bronze I'm working or attempting to have a life. Tho more than likely it is the first option and not the second. : ) Wow that was a mouth full, in a more vague attempt, My name is Adina..I'm a buffy-holic with little to no life. *G*



Picture currently not available

RL Name: Susan
Location: Ontario
Poster or Lurker: BoB (bit of both), Evenings and weekends (whenever I'm not in school or at work)

email addy: hogles@post.kosone.com
Bronze Clubs: Buffy Eh #62 Charactor Reviewer, Order of Hannigan #151, Gellar Fan Club Character Reviewer, Posting Board Adict, Subject of Buffonia, Xander Dance Club #315,

Clubs (con'd): Techno-pagan, GASPer, Member #1119 of the Oz/Seth floor of the Buffy Adicts Hopsital 
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Faith Dushku Devotee (FDD), Keeper of a million things
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) The Pack
2) Band Candy
3) The Wish
Buffy character you drool over: Xander
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Xander
Favourite Buffy Quote: "I've been waiting for you to jump my bones" Xander-The Pack
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander as Hyena boy
Stuff about you: A single sarcastic idiot type very much like Xander. Thusly falls my lusting for him:) However I joined the Oz floor in suport of the BAH in support of Seth Green who I've loved even since the pre-Buffy era. Can we even imaging a time like that??



Pictures: No pictures I'd be willing to show anyone unless I'm trying to frighten small children. 

RL Name: What? and remove the mystery?
Location: Ontario
I post WAAAAY too much, working hours 

email addy: Aethelaf@yahoo.com
Bronze clubs: Buffy, Eh? (#48), Order of Xander (KXO), Uber Buffy Club (#274)
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:the Grey Knight, Official Philosophy Boy of the Bronze Award, Kate228's Internet Buddy (IB), Jubilee's Swoonee 

Bronze function: More often then not Whup@$$ed door-stop.
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) BBB
2) WttH
3) Becoming
Buffy character you drool over: Sounds messy.
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote:Tough one, there's so many. Well go with one of the all time classics. "When I'm with a guy I like, it's hard for me to say anything witty, or cool, or at all. I can usually make some vowel sounds and then I have to go away." That just made me go Awwwww.
Favourite Buffy Baddie: SPIKE
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:Xander's love spell, Willow as a ghost.
Stuff about you:Ummm... 29, Metallurgical/Ceramic Engineer (which sounds much more impressive then it really is) for an Aerospace Company, unofficial occupation: "target for mid-management abuse," single, Computer games, RPG's, history, reading. 



Picture pending 

RL Name: Enought people call me Becker anyway, so that'll work.
Location: Burbank, CA (this is not confirmed) previously: Neptune, NJ
Usual Posting Times: Randomly. Not a good Lurker, I tend to post if I'm

Homepage URL:  Becker's Fanfic and More. Links to a lot of other sites and my fics and Becker's Game of Death.
Bronze Clubs: Assistant Social Chairman of the Bronze, Co-Planner of The Posting Board Party, 2/14/98, Buffyatrics, Honorary Member #7 Buffy, Eh?, Founder/Janitor of The God Squad, XDC #25, 25 Cents, WPWP #114, Ballistic Becker of the Justice League of the 

Clubs con'd: Posting Board with my trusty sidekick, The Amazing Aug!!!, Willow the Wacker Club, (tee hee) , Ban The First! #11, FOK, FAME, Jossy and the Buffycats #11, Loose Tag Society
L.O.S.E.R., UPA #3 (Useless Post Addicts), Ty King Waiting Room
Board Function: I have a function?  I serve as the figurehead for the AKA BECKER is a God Club, started by Jeff Pruitt.
3 Favourite Buffy Eps:
1) The Pack
2) BBB
3) Passion
Fav Char.: Xander/Willow Tie (but not Xander with Willow)
About Me: I'm a 29 yr old guy from Jersey who started really posting in August 97. Joined up and co-planned the first Official PBP that the cast and crew attended. This place has had an amazing affect on my life. I moved to LA because I had been given the confidence that I could make it work by those people here. Plus, now I know people when I move. I'm in a fraternity (link on my page) at my old college Trenton State [now The College of NJ] yet now the people I hang out with almost every week are Bronzers. I'm overjoyed by the fact that I can call so many of you my friends and a few a bit more than just that. I've officially written a Buffy/Monty Python and The Holy Grail crossover and almost finished my first official fanfic, Fight Your Own Demon. Both of which can be found both on my site and on Anya's {NY Times Mentioned} Slayerfic Archive. I hope to get a job working behind the scenes in TV or film doing something. (Can I vague that up for you?) I'm blessed by being interested and thinking I can actually suceed at bunch of different things dealing with audio/video recording editing. Hopefully, I'm not wrong.


Picture currently not available

RL Name: Chris Paddock
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Poster or Lurker: A bit of both, more of the latter...Usually on the LOSERs board, and just before

email addy: alaric@dbis.ns.ca

How you got your PB name: Sneezed one day, and that's roughly the sound I made..., None (I'm not that original...) 

Bronze Function: wasting valuable bandwidth...
When you started posting: October 1999

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
3)Wild at Heart

Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "She couldn't dress up as Xena??" - Willow in "Halloween"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Vampire Willow
Stuff about you: I'm a narcoleptic dwarf with Tourette's Syndrome, I built the Trans-Canada Highway in under a day, and I'm currently married to a very attractive table lamp...oops...sorry, thats a Guinness-induced dream I had recently...



Picture currently not available 

RL Name: Alex
Location: CA
Poster, LOSER 

email addy: treycash1@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.angelfire.com/co/alexfic/index.html
Bronze Clubs: BAH, David, Sarah and Joss Other Bronze related titles/relationships (ie slavish-someone-devotee): Ty King is my Yoda, mi minero(sp) of -mere-
Bronze Function: Captain of the LOSER crew 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming 2, Passion
2)Prophecy Girl, When She Was Bad
3) TED, Lie To Me,
Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Buffy
Favourite Buffy Quote: "And you went mental when?"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Angel into Angelus
Stuff about you: I'm 20 years old, I usually live in LA. I worked on the UTV original BUFFY page as the Site Admin which is why I sometimes still have access to the old colour codes but I'm not, never have been and have no desire to be a VIP. Those honours belong to the wonderful people who work on the set in Santa Monica are responsible for bringing the show to us. That and the musicians.. I worship the ground that Ty King walks upon and I love Los Angeles and I if I have to deal with another one of those wicked weird buzzing pager things that they give you at the Cheesecake Factory, I'm gonna throw Elvis out of the building. I love a good debate and I'm a huge B/A supporter. I write a lot, not well but a lot and you can find that drivel at the site listed above. Party hardy friends.



RL Name: Alexander Thompson
Location: Los Angeles, California, about two hours on the freeway from the Hellmouth.
I really, really, really wish I had the time to be a posting board regular, but I don't. *sigh* However, if I did, I'd be a LOSER, seeing as that's when the creatures of the night tend to come out, and I'm definitely a night owl. I am, however, a very occasional lurker looking for spoilers. I'm undisciplined, what can I say? 

email addy: rathom@primenet.com
Homepage URL: http://Slayerfanfic.com/transcript.html - It's not my website, but that's where you'll find my little corner of the Buffyverse.
Bronze Clubs: XDC #41 (one short of panic), WPWP #135 (embrace your inner Willow), Buffyatric
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Bodyguard of Little Willow, at least when I was there more; KareBear's pincushion, which is one of the reasons why I'm not. 

Bronze Function: I've never heard anybody call themselves this, not that I've been around the Bronze enough recently to know if anyone has, but as the transcriber I suppose I could claim to be The Keeper of the Buffy Histories. Is that a good thing? [Chrissy here -- works for me!] 
5 Favorite Buffy eppys: in broadcast order: sorry, I couldn't keep it down to just three. Do double eps count?
1) When She Was Bad. Buffy can be pretty bad. Hanging from your ankles is worse. And what happened to the clog dancing?
2) Halloween. I worked too hard on the Latin not to like it. Plus ghost Willow. Who is that girl?
3) Surprise & Innocence. True romance. Overwhelming tragedy. Hand-hel anti-tank weapons. And a big smurf. What more could you possibly want? 
4) Passion. By far the most powerful ep, IMHO. Rest in peace, Jenny. You will be missed. --{--{--{@
5) Becoming 1&2. The death of a Slayer. A direct path to Hell. A love lost. A life shattered. If this one doesn't make you cry, nothing can.
Favorite Buffy character, female: Willow, Cordy, Willow, Buffy, and Willow. Did I remember to mention Willow?
Favorite Buffy character, male: Oz. Nothing fazes him. Not even the full moon.
Buffy character you drool over: Cordelia. I respect Buffy's strength and Willow's purity too much to drool over them. Weird, huh?
Buffy characters you like best for their soul: Willow and Oz. They're both so nice, and so nice together, I can't help but love 'em. But don't ever cross Willow, and don't ever let Oz bite you.
Favorite Buffy Quote: God, there are so many. You're really gonna make
be choose one? Okay, I can do this... Not!
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Spike. No question. He is just too cool. And Dru.
I love the bouncy channeling thing.
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander as the leader of the pack. His true colors came shining through.
Stuff about you: Well, I'm 34, single and available. I program computers for a living. I have no life, so I write BtVS transcripts instead. When I'm not doing that I like to answer e-mail. And when I'm not doing that I like to read sci-fi/fantasy. I only watch one TV show religiously (can you guess which one?) because I'm too busy transcribing it to watch any others. I'm also a nit-picking perfectionist about writing them. Is that what you call an obsession? I need help in a big way. Anyone wanna spring for some therapy?



Picture not available 

RL Name: Michelle
Location: Oregon
Poster during L.O.S.E.R.s, Lurker during all other times 

email addy: melimauiki@yahoo.com
Bronze Clubs: Official Keeper of the Quote "Let's just say I'm a friend" ...It's rather poetic...in a maudlin sort of way," IFS #39, BRLQ #91, L.O.S.E.R., R.A.B.I.D. #168, PBA #189, UFB #96, HMWL #61, SSS, Head of the GFC Petting Zoo,and Keeper of 

Bronze Clubs (con'd): the office cat-that is banned from Sparkita's office, Live a little, LURK a little (except during L.O.S.E.R.s), Buffy Eh? Honorary Member #43
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Surprise
2) Becoming 1&2
3) Halloween
Buffy character you drool over: Angelus-not Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Cordelia
Favourite Buffy Quote: Force won't get it done. Angelus-You have to work from the inside.To kill this girl you have to love her.
Cordelia-What ever is causing the joan collins 'tude deal with it. Embrace the pain,spank your inner moppet whatever, but get over it.
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Halloween Spell
Stuff about you: I am single, I like sports-anything outdoors, I love chick flicks.My B-day is 7/9/??.I like working on my web page that i will never publish, and finding new toys(for the computer),and being a L.O.S.E.R. I have an adorable cat named Maui, and a bird named Kiki.I love Sarah Mclachlan's music.



Picture not available 

RL Name: Jason Sheffey
Location: Sunny California!
Lurker extra-ordinaire! Whenever the urge strikes me, rarely as of late though I have been known to pop up during LOSERS 

email addy: aliasj@1stnetusa.com or jsheffey@wgn.com
Bronze Clubs: GASPer, XDC #42 (I am not the answer to the universe), PBA #28...because it's better than a tawdry affair, UBC #?? (It's been way too long)
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: non slavish devotee to no one..(pathetique I know..) 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
2) Halloween
3) Prophecy Girl
Buffy character you drool over: Cordelia
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Jenny Calendar..wait, she's dead now..
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Well this is just...neat!"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike..hand down
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy as a mouse...
Stuff about you: Hmmm....I am 29 and live under the constant thumb of the RL Bad Guy and the Whup@$$ beast. I have a BA in Psychology that I do not use (I won't bore with you with the details) and have worked within the Entertainment / Film Industry for 2 1/2 years now as a Sound Archivist / Librarian. When I am not doing that I am entertained by the numerous side gigs I perform to keep myself in a monetary fashion that I would like to enjoy...now if I could just find the time to enjoy it! Hobbies? I write (not professionaly..at least not yet), I enjoy free-climbing and hiking and as of late, lurking on the PB until something come along to grab my attention. Anything else, yoru gonna have to ask me!



Picture pending 

RL Name: Alison (but my friends call me Jill)
Location: New York City
Poster (although when the whup is bad I am relegated to lurking), Coffee Club 

email addy: alicat83@hotmail.com
Bronze Clubs: Co-Founder of the RAK-Pack, CFKASSU! Charter Member, Blade/-mere- 2000 Cabinet Member, TBB, XDC #182, Shameless Angelus Groupie #36, BRLQ#22, PBA#99, UBC#216, Tall Troop, The Sweetness & Light of the BWGDC, Porch Kitty #4
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: slavish belmont devotee, 1/3 of the Psychic Triplets, pardner of the (changes daily) ~sara~, Rakshasa's Sword Groupie and Grasshopper, object of Yooper's slavish devotion 

3 Favorite Buffy eppys:
1) Passion
3) PG
Buffy character you drool over: oh this is a toss-up - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike...
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favorite Buffy Quote: "Do you want me to answer that? Or should I just glare?"
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Spike .. hands down!
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow as a ghost "hoochie-mama" (her whole attitude changed - she seemed more empowered - I like that)
Stuff about you: Ok, so this is where I'm supposed to get personal - or at least shed some light on my sparkling personality. Well - first of all I am very shy and humble (hey who's *snickering* over there?). Ok, so maybe shy and humble aren't the right words for me. My Mom has described me as the
"free-spirit" of our family. I guess my move to New York City is a good example of my love of adventure. Nothing like picking up and moving across the country in less than 2 weeks time. I am convinced that I was born in the wrong era and the wrong continent - my obsessions with the medieval time period, castles, and Scotland are among a few of the things in which I enjoy indulging. I am a hopeless romantic that keeps hoping that my knight in not-quite-shining armor (slightly dented - I like a guy with character) will show up one of these days. Other basic stuff with which to bore, uhm - I mean intrigue you - I own 3 cats and a dog (all of which are staying with my parents in TX. I am a piano player, love to sing, love music (jazz is my fave) and believe one can never have too many friends. Ok - whoever is snoring back there can stop now..... 



Picture currently not available

RL Name: Allan
Location: AB,Canada
Poster, Evenings

email addy: allanw@shaw.wave.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.alysonhannigan.8m.com/

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Innocence
2) Becoming Part 2
3) When She Was Bad
Buffy character you drool over: Willow
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "And the funny just keeps on coming" Giles to Angel Amends
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow to vampire The Wish.
What episode got you hooked on Buffy and why: Invisible Girl. I loved Willow. Buffy was hot too. Now I like the show because of the stories and every aspect of it.
Best fight scene: Buffy/Angel-Becoming Part 2
Favourite verbal exchange: "Freak"-Cordy..."Vapid Whore"-Buffy



Picture not available 

RL Name: Jordan
Location: Kansas
Poster, LOSERS, evenings

email addy: razorsedgejk@hotmail.com

Bronze Clubs: IFS # 10, FAANS # 29, Keeper of Buffy's now-nonexistent suckers, "Care Bear with Fangs" 
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming
2) Prophecy Girl
3) Surprise/Innocence/Passion
Buffy character you drool over: all females . . . (even Jenny; with the exception of Joyce) :-) 
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Xander
Favourite Buffy Quote: 1-800-I'M-DATING-A-SKANKY-HO
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Angelus/Spike (tie)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander's backfired love spell
Stuff about you: freelance novelist and screenplay writer; hope someday to break into the world of film and literature 


Picture not available.

RL Name: Jo Lee
Location: Bath, UK
Poster or Lurker: Mostly Luker, occasional Poster
Started posting: 3 months ago
email addy: joaruth@hotmail.com 
Homepage Name: www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/9028
How you got your PB name:   Name of the Goat-goddess who suckled the infant Zeus when he was hidden from his father. It means Gentle. I just like it.

3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Passion
2) Wild at Heart
3) Phases
Buffy character you drool over: Giles
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Oz
Favourite Buffy quote: "I'm sorry. That was very British of me, wasn't it?" -- Giles, "I'm probably the only girl in the school who has the coroner's office bookmarked as a favourite place!"- Willow, "oh" "i know this one! 'Slaying entails certain sacrifices, blah blah bliddy-blah, i'm so stuffy, give me a scone"-Buffy , "It's as if you know me"-Giles (And all the other too numerous to mention)
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike (It has to be really, doesn't it?)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Oz = Werewolf
Stuff about you:  I still recovering from finding out the ASH lives in the next village to mine. (One day I'll stop going on about it, I promise!) I'm married, in my early twenties with two cats. I work for the British Red Cross (not as interesting as it sounds, but very worthwhile). I like painting, writing and the day I go for 24hrs without reading is the day I die. There, that managed to tell a lot about me without giving you any insite into my personality. (Oh, I'm also a blathering idiot. All the best people are.)


Picture not available.

RL Name: Cynthia Lin
Location: New York: Oneonta (school) or Schenectady (home)
Poster or Lurker: Little bit of poster and a whole lotta Lurker.
Usual posting time: Whenever I snag an opportunity. Usually ends up during LOSERs time. though.
Started posting: Sometime in November 99
email addy: mizudax@yahoo.com 
Homepage Name: The Science Fiction Realm
How you got your PB name:   Uh oh..here is comes Amezri is the first name of my online alias. It's a combo of an anime character and a Star Trek character(s). Full name: Amezri Jadzia Mizudax. I like it...it's nice.
Bronze clubs:   BWCGG #64, Fury's Fanatic #112, WPWP #1490, Shrine-r #49, PETS #172, SLC #99, HMWL #108, Love's Bitca #38, Spikeaholic #59, Resident of the BAH Room 856 on the Spike/James Marsters Floor, Dust-Deadboy Brigade's Devoted Buffy/Spike 'shipper, Member of the Don't Kill Spike Club

Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  non-slavish-Erika-devotee, Keeper of an insane amount of quotes and items. (See my website's Buffy section for comlete list)
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Hush
2) Becoming, Part 2
3) Prophecy Girl
Buffy character you drool over: Spike
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Jenny Calendar
Favourite Buffy quote: "A bear, you made him a bear! Undo it, undo it!" - Spike, Pangs ... "Bloody hell..."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Drusilla
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Spell of Restoration; Willow's ghostly Halloween
Stuff about you:  Currently attending SUNY College at Oneonta. I like reading, writing, and drawing. ::Hey, I'm an art major!:: I'm a sort of practicing Wicca learning is more like it and still on reiki level two but my mom's working on that one ^_~. I also spend way too much money on stuff I totally don't need, like every sci-fi magazine on earth, Buffy comics, Buffy collectibles, and CDs of every band that has played on Buffy (Okay, almost every band) Favorites: Actors: Bruce Campbell, James Marsters, DB Sweeney, Michael Hurst, Hudson Leick, Marlee Matlin TV/Movies: Buffy, Bablyon 5, Brisco County Jr, VR5, Stargate SG-1, Stargate, the Evil Dread Trilogy, Moll Flanders, Sliding Doors, Vampire Hunter D, Rayearth, El-Hazard, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, Mononoke Hime Music: Dido, Radiohead, Velvet Chain, Duncan Sheik, Vertical Horizon, Utada Hikaru, Naomi Tamura, Faye Wong and a whole lot of other stuff. Books/Authors: Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series, anything Chris Golden, Dante's Inferno Lots more fun info at my website, so take a visit! *g*

Amy in Canada

Picture not available.

RL Name: Amy Jenkins
Location: Ontario, Canada
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: Good Question:)
Started posting: Day the Threaded PB first came out.
email addy: claire_martin007@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: WVS v.3 | Witches, Vampires, and Slayers
How you got your PB name:   It was Amy when the first TPB first came out but someone else had the same name so I changed it to Amy in Canada.,None:(

Bronze clubs:   Society for a pants free bronze (SPFB) = Member #69 The Sunnydale Fang Club = Member #26 Horny Spike Lovers Assosiation (HSLA) = Member #??
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Becoming 1&2
2) Surprise/Innocence
3) What's My Line pt1,2
Buffy character you drool over: Spike
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Drusilla
Favourite Buffy quote: Snyder (GD2): "This is not orderly, this is not disciplined! Your on my campus buddy, when I say quite, I mean - - "
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Cordelia's Wish
Stuff about you:  I'm a girl. I live in Canada. I teach downhill skiing. I'm a computer freak. I LOVE my TV.



Picture not available.

RL Name: Lesley Heidinger
Location: Edmonton, AB

email addy: ms_anais@yahoo.com

Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: Coffee Clubber

Bronze clubs: Too many and I've forgotten them all. NNC, Buffy, Eh?, VLD, Buffman is a Hottie - official translator (#6), etc.

How you got your PB name: It's my daughter's middle name. 

Started posting: January 1999

3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Enemies
2) The Wish
3) Surprise/Innocence

Buffy character you drool over: Oz and Angel
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy quote: I have layers too - Cordelia
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Cordelia's wish

Stuff about you: Canadian, French-speaking, grad student, full-time employee, single mother, Mac-hater, lover of all things French, academic, etc..


Picture not available.

RL Name: Claire
Location: Sydney, Australia
email addy: claire_the_bear@hotmail.com

Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Buffy
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Stuff about you:  Law student, 24 years old, I share Buffy's (Sarah's) birthday of April 14, have been a Buffy fan for only a few months, unfortunately I've missed a lot of episodes, I hope to catch up with them all some day.

Angel Love

Picture not available.

RL Name: Nicole
Location: Chicao, IL
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: after 10p.m.
Started posting: Feb, 1999
email addy: bit_by_angel@hotmail.com
Homepage Name: Angel Love's Buffy Site

How you got your PB name: Angel Love has always been my internet handle....
Bronze clubs:   Unfortuneatly, don't have time
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Harsh Light of Day
2) Becoming
3) Innocence
Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Buffy
Favourite Buffy quote: "I don't give a damn about a normal life, I'm going crazy not seeing you. You don't just wake up and stop loving someone. Love is forever."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Anya
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Angel losing his soul


Picture not available.

RL Name: Dave Chapman
Location: Michigan
Poster or Lurker: poster
Usual posting time: Between 10:00 - 1:00 EST
Started posting: Fall of 1999
email addy: dchapma@flashmail.com
Homepage Name: Fanscripts
Bronze Function: Keeper of the New Buffy Dictionary
How you got your PB name:   I realized at one point that "Angus" could be seen as a truncated version of "Angelus". It's not. It's the role I played in "Macbeth". It's been my handle for a variety of things every since.,Well, see the dictionary. The first of which was the use of "scooby" as a verb. (ie., to be scoobied).
Bronze clubs:   Founder of "Faith in Joss", #40 "Bronze Bezoar Big Game Hunters", #60 "Joss is Evil"

Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  None yet, but I'm thinking of running for Chancellor.
Theories you created/subscribe to: Willow will turn evil. There's nothing more to say.
3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) Hush
2) Lovers Walk
3) The Zeppo
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Oz
Favourite Buffy quote: "You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll love each other 'til the day you die. You'll fight, and you'll shag, and you'll hate each other 'til it makes you quiver. But you'll never be friends."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: The Mayor
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Buffy's mind-reading from "Earshot"
Stuff about you:  I'm a 24-year-old college grad living in the suburbs of Detroit. I did my undergrad at Bowling Green State University, majoring in theatre. I'm hoping to soon go to grad school to study film. I'm an aspiring screenwriter and director. I only started watching the show last year (we didn't get the WB in Bowling Green), and instantly fell in love with it. So much of it rings true to what I saw in high school and college. And still see, frankly, since I continue to have friends in school. In addition to "Buffy", I'm an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and I see all the GOOD movies I can see. As the Oscars approach, you can expect predictions from me. I enjoy the music of Billy Joel, Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, and many, many more. If any of you are in the SE Michigan/NW Ohio area, look me up. I'll probably be looking for people to cast in a low-budget movie. I always am. Keep the faith...


Picture not available 

RL Name: Jeana
Location: NC
Poster, varies
email addy: angelusnc@aol.com
How you got your PB name:  It's my middle name, Buffy's middle name and eppy name
Started Posting:   March 13, 1999

Bronze Clubs:  #97 NBA, #13 I am Evil and Proud of It

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Beginning 1 & 2
2) Surprise/Innocence 

Buffy character you drool over: Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Forever, that's the whole point"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike 
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Evil Willow



Angela getting to know Nicky... 

RL Name: Angela Rienstra
Location: Minnesota
Poster, evenings, LOSERs 

AND Angela getting to know Seth 

email addy: vision6@ix.netcom.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Julie27/angela.html and http://www.risingstorm.com/BAH/index.htm

Bronze clubs: Creator, owner, and head therapist of the BAH, Resident of room 101 on the Angel/David floor, room 226 on the Xander/Nick floor, 801 on the Spike/James floor, 1008 on the Joss floor, and room 1101 on the Oz/Seth floor, General Admissions officer of
the BAH, AGA, DBGA, ALS, WtWC, NOSer, Justice League, WPWP #37, SDA-Training Division and First Aid Administrator, XDC #125 "buck and a quarter", XPBA, PBA #8 "better than chocolate", WWOVC #55, Sunshine Patrol, BES #8, BTF? #2, BRLQ #85, Angel's Sweethearts
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: Angela the Obsessed One, Keeper of Angel's silver bracelet, Keeper of Angel's heart's desires, Keeper of Angel's spiffy cream jacket, Keeper of Buffy's bitca wrath, First owner of a Tickle-Me-Angel doll, Keeper of Angel and Spike's hug, Proud owner of Angel Dreams Incense, Proud Owner of Angelic Visions Essential Oil, Major Advocator of the Sophie Zelmani and Velvet Chain CDs, Blade's backup singer "Aah, Blade is Black...", Owner of an unlimited pass on the Angel Ride, Surrogate daughter to JAAL and Ty King, the girl who "needs help" according to Joss, Keeper of Angel's Yodaness, Thundering Looney, Angela the Empress, Keeper of Drusilla's planting skills, Angela the Angel Avenger, Keeper of Angel's smoldering look, Owner of a woop@$$ paddle FOS, SMG's permanent stand in for non-violent physical contact scenes with David, Proud mommie to Borealis the dingo pup, Presidential Therapist, Apollo-Justin devotee #1, PBP kissing slut (aka PBP hotlips)
Bronze function: Welcomer of the Newbies, Friend to the Lurkers
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) "Angel" 
2) "Prophesy Girl" 
3) "Becoming" 
(actually just about any ep would work)
Buffy character you drool over: Oz, Xander, Spike, Angel (not Angelus)...um, you get the picture
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Oz
Favourite Buffy quote: too many to list, but I do love "I mock you with my monkey pants!" and "Cordelia, your mouth is open, sound is coming from it. This is never good"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike and his sexy bad self
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander/hyena
Stuff about you: Hobbies include piano, reading, writing, acting, kissing VIPs ;) I'm 18 (b-day March 21), have 3 dogs, a bird and the infamous "vampire" angel fish named Spike. Anything you want to know, just ask :) 



Picture not available 

RL Name: Allison
Location: New Hampshire
Poster, Coffee Club 

email addy: angelique61@hotmail.com

Bronze Clubs: Buffyatrics, President of "I Love Ty King" Club, Co-founder of the RAKpack
Other Bronze related titles/relationships: non-slavish -mere- devotee
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Welcome to the Hellmouth
2) Lie To Me
3) Becoming I & II
Buffy character you drool over: David
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favourite Buffy Quote: "I said date"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Stuff about you: I hate writing about myself, so I guess I'll leave this blank.



Picture not available 

RL Name: Valerie Worley
Location: Florida, U.S.A.
Poster, no specific time; just whenever I can! 

email addy: djworley@msn.com
Bronze Clubs Sarah-SOTA #52, WPWP #123, Angel Avenger, WRX #8, ICBM #40, PBA #91, XDC #185, NOSFERATU, UBC #110, UFB #46, BRLQ #57, CFKASSU! #18, M.M.M.I.A.M. #9, A/BSG (#28), JP Gang Member #42 
3 Favorite Buffy eppys:
1) Halloween
2) I Only Have Eyes For You
3) Lie to Me 

Buffy character you drool over: Angel or Xander
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow
Favorite Buffy Quote(s):
1) "Oh, no, my life's not too complicated." -Xander
2) "On a scale of 1 to 10, it sucked!" -Xander
3) "Men can be such jerks sometimes. Dead or alive." -Willow
4) "I have a plan. We use me as bait."
"You mean make Angel come after you?"
"No, I mean chop me into little pieces and put me on hooks for fish to
nibble on, 'cause that would be more fun than my life." --Xander and Buffy
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favorite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: When Buffy was possessed by James and Angel was possessed by Grace in "I Only Have Eyes For You"
Stuff about you: I'm a 19-year old female college student at the University of South Florida. I want to work for Disney Studios as an animator or something similar to that. In addition to being a Buffy freak, I'm also a horse-crazy Disney freak. :) I also enjoy reading, writing, horseback riding, traveling around the world, and playing the piano. 


Angle man

(Picture not available)

RL Name: Jason Kuroshima
Location: Ontario
Poster, Coffee Clubber, LOSER, All day... 

email addy:  yu104681@yorku.ca
Bronze clubs:  SSS, UFB #48, UBC #214, Proud member of Buffy eh?, BRLQ #63, AF #2, "Oh, I think I do that.", S.O.T.A., XDC, EMFABT, L.O.S.E.R.
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  Master of the Dramatic Entrance. The Suicide King, A former First Guy.
Bronze function: Official Biographer of the Bronze, occasional theme song writer. 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Becoming 2 
2) Passion 
3) Lie To Me
Buffy character you drool over: Buffy
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Ironically enough Buffy or Snyder can't decide
Favourite Buffy quote: too many to list. Someone wasn't worthy, I may be dead but I'm still pretty, and I laugh in the face of danger and then I hide until it goes away.
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander as Hyena

Stuff about you:

short bio

The Angle Man was born from the joining of smoke and mirrors, wandering
around the drudgedom of cyberspace for years The Angle Man found the
Bronze. The past is prelude and the rest is history. 


(Picture not available)

RL Name: Jaclyn Dettloff
Location: Pewaukee, WI (A quiet little suburb with a lake.. as made fun of by my Detroit cousin and his friends)
Either... or Both, Afternoon or night

email addy:  mysticangel4311@hotmail.com
Bronze clubs:   KEEPER of: Spike's Woodstock experience, his rendition of "My Way," and his taste for Happy Meals,  KEEPER of: Buffy's knack for screwing up the bad guy's names, KEEPER of: the school motto--"Something weird is going on."
GUARDIAN of Sunnydale's high mortality rate. ("We're number one!"), GUARDIAN of Cordelia's inability to put out a fire, Proud MEMBER of SPAGHETTI, Member #53 of NBA and member #347 of the XDC, Founder of the JOSS WHEDON CULT, The BizarroCombat Squad and the Bozlo the Vampire Slayer? Club
Other Bronze related titles/relationships:  Bronze door greeter, The Eager Disrober, and the Offical sweeper of Post-*poof dust, slavish-Nicholas Devotee, honorary sislet of redruM (meaning--he doesnt know it yet)
Bronze function: Alright... I put it in the wrong place.. I am the Official Sweeper of Post- *poof Dust and the Eager Disrober
How you got your PB name: Actually it started with a Buffy RPG.. I invented a character that was in the snobby Cordelia/Harmony crowd and thought that since they had odd names, I should come up with one that was equally creative. As to THAT train of thought, I dont really remember, Um... Well there was....Well i will say something cool next time I go there
Started posting: About 1 yr ago


3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Earshot
2) Graduation 1 and 2
3) Becoming 1 and 2

Buffy character you drool over: Any of them with a penis?? Just kidding.. but I DO have a thing for Xander above any...
Buffy Character you like best for their soul:  Willow
Favourite Buffy quote:  "Its devastating.. he's turning into a 16 yr old boy.. of course you'll have to kill him"  "Sorry, I'm an old-fashioned girl. I was raised to believe women have the babies and men dig up the corpses" "Call me optimistic, but I'm hoping to find a forture in gold dubloons" "Angels our friend...except I dont like him"  "...I'm so stuffy, give me a scone"  "She couldnt have dressed up like Xena?" " You could have just gone 'shhh'.. Are all you Brits such drama queens?"  "If he (Death) asks you to play chess, dont even do it. The guy's like a WHIZ"  "yeah, but if I see a smoking pipe and floating hat, he's (invisible man) dropped"  "Its a big rock.. I cant wait to tell my friends. They dont have a rock this big"  OK, OK.. most of them are by Xander, but hey ,what can I say??
Favourite Buffy Baddie: SPIKE!!! Did you REALLY have to ask?
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:  Let's see--Xander as a hyena and Giles and SNyder in their Band Candy form

Stuff about you:  Alright.. Heres my stab at creativity: I'm 16 and live in Wisconsin, which means I probably wont EVER come in contact with the cast/crew or ANYTHING. Although I AM aiming for this PBP--I will pay for it myself, all I want for X-mas is my parents PERMISSION. Now THERE's dedication.. *g  I go to a Catholic High School, quite a change from my public middle school experience. Lets see--I spend most of my time hanging out.. Now its summer and I have been burned like you wouldnt believe, cause of all the time i spend in the pool.  My favorites are (movies/bands/songs/ actors/shows): Simpsons, BUFFY, Tim Curry, ALL things relating to Cruel Intentions, sleek cars with high spoilers, Scream, Law and Order, Ayn Rand--Atlas Shrugged, Nicholas Brendon, my neato headset phone--lol, and anything related to Italians/mafia (I love the sounds of the names.. I am half Italian, and I love the Godfather movies) And if you havent decided I'm a freak, drop in and say hi at the board or send an E my way



RL Name: Leigh Schneider

Location: Kentucky
poster and lurker, all day but mostly in the evening

email addy: LSchnei713@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/lschnei713/leigh.htm
Bronze clubs: Buffkins- webmistress
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Bothered, Bewitched and Bewildered 
2) Becoming 2
3) Lie to Me
Buffy character you drool over: Angel (followed closely by Spike)
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Buffy 
Favourite Buffy character: "Hello Cutie"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy:Ethan's from Halloween
Stuff about you: I live right outside Louisville, B-day: 9/2/63, occupation: RN, Hobbies: Buffy, the bronze, and collecting Barbies 



Picture currently not available 

RL Name: Lara Klaber
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Poster, evenings (and sometimes LOSERS) 

email addy: ardath@iglou.com
Bronze Clubs: M.O.T.R. #45: The Atomic Fluffchick of the Revolution
Bronze Function: chinchilla breeder 

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Band Candy
2) Becoming 2
3) Passion
Buffy character you drool over: pretty much all of the male regulars & Spike
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow and Oz, it's a tie
Favourite Buffy Quote: "As punishments go, this is pretty abstract." from "Bad Eggs"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Xander as military grunt
Stuff about you: 27 years old, female, living with someone for the past six years, slowly studying biology at university. No specific career at this time, I volunteer at an animal shelter, am getting into breeding chinchillas, design and make jewelry, and actually do enjoy cross-referencing (really!). My future plans are to just keep getting older and have fun on the way. And that's about it. 



Picture not available 

RL Name: erin condit-bergren
Location: L.A., CA
A bit of both poster and lurker, LOSER hour and early afternoon, although that may change when school starts 

email addy: medellia@pacbell.net
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/5664
Bronze Clubs: non-stalkerish Seth devotee / sweick=evil (Oz=good) / WWOVC #105 / OLC / L.O.S.E.R. / HMWL #21 (Bite me, Spike!) / Dingoes Ate My Baby groupie / #1106 Oz-Seth floor, BAH (therapy=good) / FFBTVSMIS #17 
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) What's My Line, pt. 1&2
2) Becoming, pt. 1&2
3) Prophecy Girl
(unofficial 4: Phases! Go Oz, Go!) 

Buffy character you drool over: Oz, Spike
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Willow, Oz (of course there's a personal bias there)
Favourite Buffy Quote: "Is the hippo going, 'Hey, man! Where are *my* pants? I have my hippo dignity!" or "Well, we don't have cable, so we have to make our own fun."
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike (and Dru)
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Oz=werewolf 
Stuff about you: I enjoy movies, music (mostly listening but writing too), obsessing over Tv shows (like Buffy), computers, writing, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, dancing (XDC included), chinese and mexican food, Aardvark's, coffee, tea and scones, travel, friends, swimming, hiking, goat nudity, koi, the Bronze, Smarties, sleeping, singing and acting (21 plays at last count). Dislikes: scaggy English guys with bad teeth who smell like goat cheese hitting on me (shudder), closed-minded people, large groups (50+) of tourists, bad drivers, excessive dog hair, hummus, hot weather (which is why I'm moving to the East coast in two years), American scones, country music, bad actors, orthodontists, the DMV, needles (the hypodermic kind), and Teletubbies. (whew!) 1/18/82, a young'un but hopefully not too annoying. I (after the past month) am a certified Anglophile, and definitely prefer the weather there. I'm an Angeleno at heart, though, and know this city better than anywhere else. I love the Bronze because it's got a very comfy community-type feeling. It's a great way to escape among a group of intelligent, like-minded people (and "the list" is always a hoot), and I'm sure in the coming autumn months it'll be a great way to avoid doing homework... My goal is to enjoy life, be adventurous, and never regret anything. Love and be loved, live and let live. Peace, love, recycle.


Asanti Momlet

Asanti with her RL kid, Crystal

RL Name: Teri Gilbert
Location: Oregon
Poster, All day and early evenings 

email addy: Teritvl@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/ladyofsd/pics.html

Bronze Clubs: Cafe Buffy, Buffy Eh? (honorary American type member), RLBQ, Angelus Supporter, UBC (if it still exists) Rejected by Buffyatrics 
Other Bronze related titles: The Momlet
Bronze Function: The Momlet

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:  This was a hard one..... but.... 
1) Angel
2) Passion 
3) School Hard
Buffy character you drool over: ......Angel
Buffy character you like best for their soul: .....Angel
Favorite Buffy Quote: I fear you
Favorite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow as a ghost in Halloween
Stuff about me: Older than dirt...lol....43 with almost 30 kidlets...it doesn't leave a lot of time for much else! Ha! I like to snowboard (badly...I'm actually very good at the falling bit but the rest still needs work) and roller blade (ditto) and I hate movies with body bits flying about or where every other word rhymes with Duck! I have one real life kidlet who continues to bring me unlimited joy and agony, a continuation of that whole birth experience...lol....and share my home (which is done in pastel colors, an advantage to being single...tee hee) with "The Three" 2 kitties, The Empress and Buggy, and one adorable little dog, Kia (these can be seen on the picture page along with my RL kidlet). I drive an older than dirt sports car that I love which is a good thing for it since it is in the shop more than the garage lately, and I love to work in my yard(s) or gardens depending on if you see it in the English way or the American way...lol. In RL I am a travel consultant and I teach classes at the local community college in Geography and Computerized Reservations. My favorite place in the entire world is Kenya and my least favorite place in the entire world (so far) is China. I love Italian food and my drink of choice is tea! No alcohol for me other than the odd Gin and Tonic on board a flight to London...it just seems proper you know! Ha! Things I like about the Bronze....oh...easy....the sense of belonging to a real community where the members care about each other and offer support during the rough times and share in the joy during the good times. Things I don't like about the Bronze....cliques that exclude others... and gratuitous arguments and attacks...no room for that kind of garbage in my humble opinion!


Asanti's Kid

Asanti on the left, Asanti's kid on the right

RL Name: Crystal
Location:San Diego, CA
Poster, um, whenever I have nothing better to do. 

email addy: ladywicca@aol.comor asantiskid@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/ladywicca
Bronze function:the hangin' on by her toes gal

3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Reptile Boy 
2) Passion
3) Bothered, Bewitched and Bewildered
Buffy character you drool over: SPIKE SPIKE HE'S MY MAN (I'll be his happy meal with legs anyday!)
Buffy character you like best for their soul: soul? Dru doesn't have a soul.
Favourite Buffy quote: 'Happy meals with legs' by SPIKE of course
Favourite Buffy Baddie: SPIKE SPIKE HE'S MY MAN didn't we go through this already?
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Jenny as that creepy demon dude

Stuff about you: I'm a computer buff (that's programmer to you) in California, desperately trying to claw my way back to Oregon (this is my idea of the hellmouth, california that is), about to get married in May...I have two chickens, er, cats, and one leezard leezard leezard who thinks he is Houdini (we're not sure that he isn't). Oh yes, and I love Velvet Chain (or more to the point Erika...she is a godess). 



Picture currently not available 

RL Name: Amanda
Location: Indiana right now, NC at heart
Poster or Lurker: usually weekends, hopefully email addy: aurorastar@full-moon.com
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/9682 http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/1862 http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/1862/jonathan http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/1862/bob
Bronze Clubs: BXL member#57, Member of Spuffy, GASPer, SLC #13, XDC #324, WPWP #701, SWC #33, Xander Defender, SLC Cheerleading Captain, Official Gusher of CBCC, Free Tom Warner! Campaign Volunteer #8, S*C*R*E*W the B*A*S*T*A*R*D*S #92, Publicist for Buffy Boarders, Viva La Diva Society #22, PHBA #37, PWM?A #2, UNA #36, JCC #6, NBA #7, PWCJC #1, JIE #8, Bodyguardee of ? #14, BAH room 239 on the Xander/Nicholas floor, JPGang 

Other Bronze related titles/relationships: slavish James and Nicholas devotee, non slavish ? devotee (where is he anyway??)
When you started posting: Thanksgiving Day, 1998
3 Favourite Buffy eppys:
1) Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered
2) Lover's Walk
3) Something Blue
Buffy character you drool over: Xander and Spike
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Xander
Favourite Buffy Quote: oh Lord, there's so many. Pick a quote any quote. The one in my siggy is "Angel's our friend! Except I don't like him." But there are so many others!
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: The Valentine's Day Love Spell
Birthday: 3-16-82
Stuff about you: I'm a senior in high school, obviously single, 17 years old (almost 18!), I love all that creative arts stuff--dancing, singing, acting, writing, favorite book is "My Sweet Audrina" by V.C. Andrews, and anything by L.J. Smith (I firmly believe The Forbidden Game Trilogy should be made into [a] movie[s], directed by Joss! Someone go make it happen!), and favorite movies are Scream, A Life Less Ordinary, Empire Records, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things..., Scream 3, and favorite tv shows, besides Buffy (obviously), is MST3000 and Two Guys and a Girl. Was that a sentence?



Location: California
Poster, LOSER Extraordinaire! 

email addy: avarice@risingstorm.com
Homepage URL: http://www.risingstorm.com
Bronze clubs: Buffyatrics, SDA Relations, Sarah-SOTA, UBC, BAH, PBA BRLQ,
Ban The First?? 

Other Bronze related titles: Chief Custodial Engineer of the BAH
Bronze function: Cannon fodder for ~mere~
3 Favourite Buffy epps:
1. Halloween
2. The Pack/Prophesy Girl
3. WSWB/Faith, Trick, & Hope
Buffy character you drool over: SMG, of course! 
Buffy character you like best for their soul: Giles
Favourite Buffy quote: "Like A Steel Trap!"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Darla
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation: The Buffy-rat
Stuff about you: Single, 32 years old; Systems Programmer & Systems Engineer; wannabe novelist; computer nerd (It's still cool, ya know!). Lover of Women's Beach Volleyball.


Picture not available.

Location: Scotland
Poster or Lurker: Poster
Usual posting time: 6pm till 12am uk time
Started posting: july 2000
email addy: shakyknee@hotmail.com 
How you got your PB name:   From film

3 Favourite Buffy eppys: 
1) The Wish
2) Dopplegangland
3) Becoming
Buffy character you drool over: Vamp Willow
Buffy Character you like best for their soul: Cordy
Favourite Buffy quote: "Bored Now!"
Favourite Buffy Baddie: Spike
Favourite Spell/possession/mutation from Buffy: Willow As A Vamp

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